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F it….We’ll do it live.

by Mar 2, 2019

Unless you’ve been busy fighting off night demons in Gloomhaven, I’m sure you’ve heard about the infamous “Lucky Charms” beer, Saturday Morning IPA by Smartmouth brewing.  Smartmouth is local to us in Norfolk, Va. Obviously we heard about this beer weeks ago but over the last week it has garnered national attention. Delish, Thrillist, and even USA Today picked up the story and started a frenzy.  

Instantly it became a hit locally causing everyone to flock to the brewery. I had no plans to specifically seek out this beer, we will get into why later, but was certainly interested in tasting it. People began lining up at 6 a.m. to have a chance to have a beer touted as “sending you back through your childhood”.  The brewery opened at noon and had completely sold out by 2 p.m. Did this beer live up to the hype? In so few words, no. There is a slight sweetness to it but that is quickly replaced by the taste of a West Coast style IPA.

But one could argue that the hype around this beer was wrongfully placed.  Similar to a game of telephone, as the story was rewritten time and time again, the details slightly changed.  The Saturday Morning IPA was initially announced as a “Lucky Charms” themed beer, not that it would taste like the cereal.  Somewhere along the line this narrative was added and it is what I believe caused the mass hysteria.

Looking at the beer style it is labeled as a West Coast IPA with Lactose.  Lucky Charms is sweet & grainy. A west coast IPA is typically very hop focused. I have never tasted a lactose IPA that I would stand in line for multiple hours for, or spend $30 for a single can, which is what the current resell market has tall boy cans for.

Congratulations to Smartmouth for creating a beer that is exactly what you advertised it to be even if the media turned it into something that it’s not.  You deserve the frenzy, just not the backlash.