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Organized Objectives

by Feb 22, 2019

In this week’s episode of the podcast we discussed organizing our board games and beer and one topic we left off is letting go of parts of our collections.  Sometimes your collection outgrows your space and it can become a real burden. This happened recently to me when we converted the office/guestroom into an actual working studio.  As you may know my wife is a librarian and despised our current storage solution for our games. To be frank so did I. We had board games in basically every closet, multiple bookcases in multiple rooms, and even under the bed.  We always knew where items were but the games in the bookcases looked really disheveled. So we set on the adventure of reorganizing our main game shelves.  Here is how we organized our games and determined what games no longer fit into our collection

Goal 1 : Group games by Mechanic

We spent quite some time discussing how we might reorganize our collection.  We landed on wanting to group board games by mechanics. We (mainly me) have a hard time picking a game we want to play but generally know what type of game we want to play.  Grouping by mechanic makes it easy to browse all of our worker placement or roll and write games.

Goal 2 : Pleasing to the Eye

Since we are going to be recording (and possibly live streaming) in this new space it was very important that the shelves were pleasing to the eye.  That’s where my wife really helped. She was able to help me get board games lined up by size. Having them in the shelf from tallest to shortest makes them feel very much like a bookcase instead of a bunch of boxes thrown onto a shelf.

Goal 3 : Consolidate Collection

This wasn’t something we discussed initially but it became apparent rather quickly that we need to consolidate.  We have a lot of games. Like a lot. As we got around halfway through the reorganization I was falling in love with how nice everything was looking.  Then it hit me. We have about a dozen kickstarters that are due to come in the next 4 months. So we decided to take a serious look at our collection and find the games that “spark joy”.  In the end we only got rid of about a dozen games but they are going to homes where they will be enjoyed and frees up space for our incoming titles.

What are some of your organizing strategies?  Do you have a secret tip that we are missing? Let us know in the comments below.