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Post-Lunar New Year: The Backer’s Favorite Holiday

by Feb 18, 2019

It’s that time of year again.  Lunar new year has passed and now the long awaited fulfillment of the 2018 Kickstarter projects has begun.  Most of these games were projects that we backed in the first half of the year but there are some much older than that!  Here is our Top 5 incoming Kickstarter projects we are excited about.

5.  Rising for the Throne

Rising for the Throne is published by Txarli Factory.  When I saw the art I instantly fell in love.  The game itself is a rather simplistic dice rolling and deck building game.  We went all in on this game because of the playmats and tit is perfect filler game for our group.  The project has faced multiple QA-induced delays however the general outlook is great.

Funded: July 15, 2018
Promised Delivery: November 2018
Expected Delivery: April 2019
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4.  Welcome To…

Welcome To… is published by Deep Water Games.  We found Welcome To… right before Gen Con 2018 and it was one of our top plays for the con.  A simple but unique “roll & write”, players will spend their turns trying to plan out the best neighborhood, full of families, pools & parks!  The latest Kickstarter project brought a second printing of the game with some amazing upgrades.  First, they added thematic neighborhood boards including a Doomsday and Halloween theme.  They also added a playmat, dry erase boards & a solo vs AI mode (unlocked via stretch goals).  While there was a slight snafu in production it looks like Welcome To… will deliver on time.

Funded: November 20, 2018
Promised Delivery: March 2019
Estimated Delivery: March 2019
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3.  Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops was an instant back for us.  We love the Shadowrun Universe and we were still riding the high from Catalyst Games re-publishing BattleTech.  This is a worker placement  & dice chucking game where players lead a team of shadowrunners trying to land the big score.  Unfortunately this project has faced MANY MANY delays.  The good news though is that everything was bundled and packaged before Lunar New Year.  Expect a full review from us once we get our hands on it.

Funded: June 19, 2018
Promised Delivery: October 2018
Estimated Delivery: April 2019
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2.  Hellboy: The Board Game

Hellboy is without a doubt one of our favorite comic book universes.  When Mantic Games announced they were releasing a miniatures game based on Hellboy and BPRD we knew we would be dropping some dough.  This is a fully cooperative game where the players will become members of BPRD and defend the world against the latest occult threat.  All of Mantic’s previous titles have included fantastic miniatures and Hellboy is no different.  We had the pleasure of seeing the minis at Gen Con 2018.  We will definitely need to up our painting game before we get this one in our hands.

Funded: May 25, 2018
Promised Delivery: Feburary 2019
Expected Delivery: April 2019
Board Game Geek | Kickstarter

1.  Lords of Hellas

When we initially backed Lords of Hellas, we were still Kickstarter newbies and went all-in on every project.  We are so glad we did with this game from Awaken Realms.  Lords of Hellas is an area control & territory building game that sends players back into Greek Mythology.  There are multiple ways to win.  You may choose to control territories, fight monsters, or build monuments (our favorite).  Now it is no secret that the sundrop painting Awaken Realms decided to add caused some major production delays but their communication has been fantastic!  This is also our oldest game still awaiting fulfillment dating back to 2017.  We did end up doing the 2 wave shipping option, so we already received the base game with some cosmetic upgrades.  All of the additional goodies have just wrapped up production and should be arriving soon.

Funded: June 17, 2017
Promised Delivery: November 2017
Estimated Delivery: April 2019
Board Game Geek | Kickstarter

Honorable Mention: Sorcerer City

We have yet to be let down by the powerhouse that is Druid City Games/James Hudson.  Sorcerer City is a real-time tile placement and hand management game with some amazing components, including never before seen stackable metal coins!  Sorcerer City faced some production issues recently and combined with the holiday have had some issues with providing a shipping timeline other than “2019”.  Either way we can not wait to get this in our hands.

Funded: March 30, 2018
Promised Delivery: January 2019
Esimated Delivery: 2019?
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